On Tiree - May 2017

I have been painting the British landscape for many years.  I work mainly in oils, capturing the essence of the place through subtle use of light and shading.  Whether it be the obvious beauty spot, or the 'ugly' industrial monolith, I look for the hidden beauty that may not be first apparent.


Anyway, enough introduction, you can read more of that in my profile - instead, let me take you to some fantastic places that you may never have heard of.  Click on any image below to start exploring, or go straight to my online shop

Gallery Highlights - click on any image, and I'll take you there in pictures and words

Masterclass Highlights - let me show you how I created some of these images - click on any image to see how it was created


You can find the full set of 'How I painted' articles in my Masterclasses section

Events On Now (Or Coming Up)

You can find a few of my paintings on show at the Nightingale doctors surgery in Romsey until 4th April.

My next event is the Four Shades Of Purple exhibition at King John's House, Romsey, 10th - 14th April, 10am - 4pm


Art For Sale

Art isn't just for collectors of obscure pieces that get locked in a vault as an investment, its for real people like you that know what they like.  If that happens to be any of my work I'd be happy to sell you a piece - whether it be the original, a print or just a greetings card.  If you want an original you will have to get in touch or drop into one of the events I do each year.  If you are after a print or a card though, please visit my online shop (secured with PayPal).

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