On Tiree - May 2017

I work mainly in oils, painting the British landscape, both the obvious 'pretty' stuff, but also the wild and remote, and the 'ugly' industrial views, where I find their hidden beauty.  I paint wet on wet, adding each pigment by partially blending it into the painting to give the desired degree of texture.  In each picture I aim to capture the essence of the place through subtle use of colour and texture.


Anyway, enough introduction, you can read more of that in my profile - instead, I'm sure you came to see the art.  Click on any image below to start exploring my world, or go straight to my online shop

Demo Pieces - let me show you how I created some of these images - click on any image to see how

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Art For Sale

Art isn't just for collectors of obscure pieces that get locked in a vault as an investment, its for real people like you that know what they like.  If that happens to be any of my work I'd be happy to sell you a piece - whether it be the original, a print or just a greetings card.  If you want an original you will have to get in touch or drop into one of the events I do each year.  If you are after a print or a card though, please visit my online shop (secured with PayPal).


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