Here I take you through a few of my pictures showing you how they were created and offering tips if you'd like to have a go yourself.  At present I have only a few masterclasses, but this section will grow as I add others in coming months.



Painting in oil - is a start to finish demonstration of the uncommon approach I use when I paint a typical picture in oils. I generally start with the sky and the background. Here you can see a picture take shape bit by bit.


Pen and Ink - shows you how I go about constructing a complex town scene in ink. It involves a lot of preparation with pencil and rubber first to get the positions right, and finishes with a little pencil shading.


Fast and Loose - is a demonstration of another approach to using oils that can be used to complete a relatively simple picture in just a few hours.


Water in Oils - is about how I capture the qualities of water in an oil painting using a complex example with many light effects to consider.


Night Street - shows you how I tackled a nightime street scene with a row of lit buildings face on.


People - how I painted a group of people and objects in a fairly busy scene



I am available to give demonstrations and tutorials in the local (Romsey, Hampshire, UK) area - though due to time constraints I can't promise anything quite as complex as some of these.  Please contact me at to make requests.

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