Here I take you through a few of my pictures showing you how they were created and offering tips if you'd like to have a go yourself.  I'm adding masterclasses as and when I think of something different to show you.



Painting in oil - is a start to finish demonstration of the uncommon approach I use when I paint a typical picture in oils. I generally start with the sky and the background. Here you can see a picture take shape bit by bit.


Pen and Ink - shows you how I go about constructing a complex town scene in ink. It involves a lot of preparation with pencil and rubber first to get the positions right, and finishes with a little pencil shading.


Fast and Loose - is a demonstration of another approach to using oils that can be used to complete a relatively simple picture in just a few hours.


Water in Oils - is about how I capture the qualities of water in an oil painting using a complex example with many light effects to consider.


Night Street - shows you how I tackled a nightime street scene with a row of lit buildings face on.


People - how I painted a group of people and objects in a fairly busy scene


Repainting - repainting over an old picture with a better version of the same picture



Work In Progress - Feed The Birds, Trafalgar Square, London 1993

I have been working on a picture of Trafalgar Square based on a photo I took in 1993.  At that time there were stalls selling seed to feed the pigeons - a practice that was banned a few years later due to the mess the birds made.  What appeals to me about this scene is the ramshackle stall contrasting with the grand buildings and monuments of the square, plus the pigeons - which slowly appear as it becomes obvious there is food for them!




I am available to give demonstrations and tutorials in the local (Romsey, Hampshire, UK) area - though due to time constraints I can't promise anything quite as complex as some of these.  Please contact me at to make requests.


IT Help For Fellow Artists

With an IT background of many decades of software development, I can also help artists (and others) setup online.  I can help you create a website, setup automated mailing lists, create a minishop through Paypal, and much more.  If you are not too far from Romsey and would like some help, please contact me at

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