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Here for you entertainment a selection of my poetry.  Free to read, but please ask before you use any of this...


The Office

Sitting in an office staring at the walls

whiling away the hours til 5 o'clock calls

There must be more to life

than this blandly furnished place

with its unexciting people

and their sad and empty face


Sitting in an office, wanting to escape

looking at some websites, dealing with red tape

sandwich crumbs in keyboard

emailing all my friends,

attending lots of meetings

will they ever end?


Sitting in an office, working day by day

not sure what I'm doing, but taking home the pay

Supplement with paper

scissors, staples, glue

boxes full of biros

anything will do


Sitting in an office, to keep the house and kid

moan about the bosses - I wish I could be rid

Could have thrown a sickie

or claimed my cat had died

just to get a day from

this job I can't abide


R. Paul - 2015

After Tech

The colour of you footsteps remind me of your kind

casting shadows on my life, in the garden of my mind

walking down this narrow path bordered by some thorns

where it leads I'll find out now my dreams are cast and torn

Take me with you hand in hand through the corkscrew that you make

grappling with my conscience between whats real and fake

Shooting Twitter in my arm with Facebook in the feed

satisfy our craving for the technology we need

modern junkies of bits and bytes, snatching at U-tube verbs

sitting in our gardens, ignoring old thyme herbs

come the E-M pulse one day that sets us free again

to roam and play in forgotten land, free from electric pain

chocolate windmills melt in sun and break on bitter days

I tuirn upon the ancient stones - the new god now we praise

planted for a purpose - when to sow our seed

now we broke the techno world, its once again in need


R. Paul - 2016

Bus Home

I dream of a place I'd rather be

A wild coast with thrashing sea

A lovely place thats far away

from the drudgery of day to day


And on to a place where I find you

With empty sands and ocean blue

A sunny cottage, just you and me

cuddled up beside the sea


The breeze that tussles with you hair

as we walk the shore without a care

We sit and watch the sun go down

hot chocolate and a dressing gown


I dream this place for the two of us

as we eye each other across the bus

But for now its just hello

Same again tomorrow?


R. Paul - 2014

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