Pencil Works

Whilst most of my work is done in oils, some pictures work best with pencil - either graphite, coloured pencil or a combination of the two. Pictures that suit this kind of treatment usually have lots of detail rather than interesting lighting, although it is possible to combine the two as in this example of an old winch on Dungeness beach...


Dungeness A, by Richard Paul Dungeness 'A'


This next image shows how a little colour can enhance a particular feature of an image - in this case the rust on another old winch - this one being on North Ronaldsay in the Orkneys...


North Ronaldsay, by Richard Paul North Ronaldsay


This next example shows how a little colour used selectively can help an image that would not have worked in monochrome, as it would have would be difficult to differentiate foreground and background nwithout colour...


Dredger at Christchurch, by Richard Paul Dredger at Christchurch


One final example - in monochrome, showing one of the many sheds down on my local allotments.  Here the monochrome helps emphasize the grain of the wooden panels that make up the shed - drawn one at a time in order to focus attention on the detail of each individual board.


Allotment Shed 2, by Richard Paul Allotment shed 2


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