Pastel Pictures

Whilst I mainly work in oils, I do sometimes use pastels when the picture suits it.  The kind of picture I find that works well in pastels are generally dark scenes with bright lights, such as this evening view of an Edinburgh street...


Edinburgh Twilight, by Richard Paul Edinburgh Twilight


Another picture that works well is this 2016 picture of the beach at West Runton, looking towards Cromer. Here there is a moody sky reflected on a wet beach, and very little fine detail. I produced this with a lot of blending of colours...


West Runton, by Richard Paul West Runton


Snow scenes also work particularly well and especially so when done on black card.  The scene below is from a walk I took around Romsey on one of the rare occasions when it snows (about once every few years or so, and lasting a couple of days).  The darkness of the card shows through the white pastel much as the ground shows through a thin layer of snow.  With overcast skies I've created shadows in the snow with grey pastel.  In bright light this might be done with a delicate shade of blue.


Romsey winter walk, by Richard Paul Romsey Winter Walk


This last example is a still life - a picture of four demijohns with homemade wine fermenting away. The image shows a light source shining through the coloured liquids and the fiddly bubblers (the airlocks on the top of the bottles). This would have been difficult to produce in most other media, but pastels really capture the bright glow.


The Demijohns, by Richard Paul The Demijohns


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