Outer Hebrides

Ever looked at the weather forecast and wondered about that little invert comma of land in the far top left?  Well thats the Outer Hebrides, home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in Britain, Europe, or event the world. Yes one poll did rank Luskentyre as the world's most stunning beach.


Luskentyre Dawn, by Richard Paul Luskentyre dawn
The road to Luskentyre by Richard Paul The road to Luskentyre


I gaze into her eyes and see a far off place

where the ocean blue turns turquoise on the shore.

A river snakes to meet the tide,

swirling earthy hues across the waves

A white shell sand lifts effortless on the breeze,

drifting over dunes to rest - on machair

There are daisies, buttercups, vetch and clover,

but the orchids are the star

Standing proud yet little seen,

with petals laced in purple, white or wine

A white stone wall, low roof of thatch -

A cottage nestles by the hill.

I step inside to glowing hearth

and lovers warm embrace.


R. Paul - 2007



Luskentyre Sunset, by Richard Paul Luskentyre Sunset - midnight in May



Traigh Lingeigh, by Richard Paul Traigh Lingeigh

Traigh Lingeigh

Echoes of a Viking past

washed away by tide

blasted by a restless wind

as grasses fence nearby


A glimpse of sun, through racing clouds

a fleeting hint of warmth

My footprints gone soon after me

from timeless Uist shore


R. Paul - 2012

Horgabost, by richard Paul Horgabost
Berneray machair by Richard Paul Berneray machair - towards Harris


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