New Forest

Based in Romsey, the New Forest is but a cycle ride away. Over the years I've captured many quiet and not so quiet corners and turned them into popular paintings...


Ober Spring, by Richard Paul Ober Spring

Ober Spring

Ober Water is normally busy with visitors - families out for a walk, with kids in weliies splashing about as dogs chase after sticks, but pick your time well and you can have this beautiful place to yourself. I took the original photo in early May 2001 during the foot and mouth outbreak. The forest had been reopened to the public, but the carparks remained closed. I walked in from nearby Brockenhurst and had the place to myself - plus a few deer, ponies and a snake I disturbed on my walk.


Forest Autumn 2, by Richard Paul Forest Autumn 2

Forest Autumn II

Around the last week of October or the first week of November the forest gives a superb display of Autumn colour. Most people flock to the ornamental drives, but quieter spots like this (just North of Ober Water) can give just as good a show.


Frosty Glade, by Richard Paul Frosty Glade, New Forest

Frosty Glade

A December day, but already the sun had burned off most of the frost. Heading North through the woods from Brockenhurst I came upon a sheltered glade where the sun had yet to make its mark. Using a tree to obscure it I caught this scene of frost and rays of sun filtering through the bare branches of the bushes. I found this a real challenge to paint - trying to figure out which to paint first - the rays of sun or the shrubbery.



Images on a website are no match for seeing the original picture in real life.  For this reason I sell originals only face to face through events.  I do offer a range of merchandise through my redbubble account -

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