Heavy industry is disappearing from our shores. Some will cherish the removal of what to them is an eyesore, but others will miss the strange alien beauty of rusting steel pipes feeding hungry machines. Here I bring you a selection of industrial scenes from my travels.


Port Talbot, by Richard Paul Port Talbot


Port Talbot

I've passed it many times on the train, scuttling to the prettier parts of Southern Wales, but one day I decided to stop off and take a closer look at these massive constructions of pipe, grime and steam. It doesn't really show here, but these blast furnaces are truly massive.


Fawley, by Richard Paul Fawley Refinery


Fawley Refinery

Take the slow boat to the Isle Of Wight, and you get a good close up view of Fawley Refinery as you trundle down Southampton Water at a leisurely pace. This particular angle caught my eye.


Southampton Docks, by Richard Paul Southampton Docks


Southampton Docks

I was looking for an eye catching image of the docks at work. I'd found the best viewpoint I could, but what caught my eye was a large gantry crane shifting containers at the Freightliner terminal instead. I watched for ages, as it zipped to and fro, with winding wheels spinning, whirring as cables raised and lowered the containers - a mesmerising sight indeed. 


Liverpool docks, by Richard Paul Liverpool docks



Another dockland scene - this time Liverpool Docks, as seen from across the Mersey, along the path to New Brighton.  I found the red cranes made a simple but eye catching image, whilst the sunlit white buildings showed up nicely against the approaching cloud.  The water of the Mersey was interesting in being quite lively too (as I found on the ferry as it swayed about on its crossing) - all going to make a pleasing composition.




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