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I've painted many beaches around the country, and some of the best feature in my featured places, such as Tiree, the Outer Hebrides and Henigstbury Head. But that leaves a lot of stunning beaches still to show you. So here are the best of the rest...


Sandy Hills by Richard Paul Sandy Hills, Dumfries And Galloway


Starting with a largely overlooked part of Scotland - the Southern part - here is Sandy Hills, possibly the best sandy beach in Dumfries And Galloway. Caught here as the tide recedes several miles out.


Newborough Sands by Richard Paul Newborough Sands


More well known is Newborough Sands, the best beach on Anglesey, complete with backdrop of the moody Snowdonian mountains of the mainland. It was a very windy day when I was there, with sand whipped up and stinging my face, but that just made it perfect for kite surfers.


Porth Mawr by Richard Paul Porth Mawr / Whitesands


At the Southern end of Wales, near St Davids, lies the sands of Porth Mawr or Whitesands.  The easily climbed crag in the background offers extensive views of the surrounding coast and country.  The water filled ripples in the snads here took a lot of effort to get right.


A Passage to Monkstone by Richard Paul A Passage To Monkstone


The South coast of Wales also offers Monkstone Beach - a pristine beach that requires a steep descent to reach, or a walk through the rocks at low tide - but its well worth it.  Tenby looks deceptively close in the background.


Priory Bay by Richard Paul Priory Bay, Isle Of Wight


Way down on the South coast - the Isle Of Wight to be precise, you can find this little gem - Priory Bay, just outside Bembridge.  Look carefully and you can see the Spinnaker tower of Portsmouth oin the background.  You might also notice a purple tinge towards the horizon - the colour of pollution on a calm but sunny winter's day.


Alnmouth by Richard Paul Alnmouth


Looping round the South coast and back up the East coast, there are some very scenic and empty beaches along the Northumberland coast.  However, one that caught my eye was Alnmouth, where very neatly proportioned houses end abruptly at fairly brownish sands, here offset nicely by towering cumulus clouds reflected in the water.  What I haven't shown here is the pieces of coal that naturally wash out the cliffs and come ashore here.  I found one with a fossil fern imprint when I visited.




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