Amongst the many islands of the Hebrides lies one renowned for sunshine, stunning beaches and a constant breeze that keeps the midges at bay, yet beyond the kite surfing community and fans of the shipping forecast its virtually unknown. And so it was that of all the photos I took on that trip only one had people in it.


Its taken a month or two, but here at last are my first paintings. As usual I've worked from my photos, but incorporated the feeling of the place that can only come from first hand experience.


Traigh Shorobaidh, by Richard Paul Traigh Shorobaidh


Traigh Shorobaidh is typical of Tiree - a low flat landscape barely off the beach, with a large sky behind


Traigh Shathallum, by Richard Paul Traigh Shathallum


A moody sky only served to enhance the unbelievable hues of the water - achieved here with a blend of ultramarine, viridian, naples yellow and a little titanium white. Notice how this picture has calm seas and the previous one had rolling waves - it depends in part on which way the wind blows.



Here is another beach in progress - Traigh Thodhrasdail - this one is a bit more complex, with varying depth of water and varying reflectivity of the sky in the water, plus wet sand reflecting rocks, and a few ripples amongst the waves too. Completed (below) there is a layer of surf, plus some textured rocks and the odd bit of vegetation all added after this layer dried to a tacky consistency.


Traigh Thodhrasdail, by Richard Paul Traigh Thodhrasdail
Traigh Bhi, by Richard Paul Traigh Bhi

Traigh Bhi presented a different challenge - that of the reflection in wet sand, broken on the right side by waves nudging in.  Reflections in water are not just copies of the original broken up a bit - there is more subtlety than that.  For a start the view point is slightly different, and then the angle of the reflection affects how much of each colour gets through.  As a child playing in puddles I noticed that reflections are just light and dark until you reach a certain angle, after which you get more and more true colour coming back.  In this instance the part of the reflection closest to the viewer has something of the sand showing through.



Images on a website are no match for seeing the original picture in real life.  For this reason I sell originals only face to face through events.  I do offer a range of merchandise through my redbubble account - www.redbubble.com/people/richardpaul

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