Norfolk Broads

Berney Arms, by Richard Paul Berney Arms windmill

I was living in Chelmsford at the time when I decided to revisit the Norfolk Broads, this time heading for a remote area filled with windmills. I took the train to Norwich, and then the onward Great Yarmouth train - the only one of the day to stop at Berney Arms - and no I hadn't thought how I would get back. The train missed the tiny platform, so I jumped down, and watched as my connection with civilisation trundled off to the seaside.  A short walk away I found the imposing bulk of the restored Berney Arms windmill, and nearby one of the remotest pubs in Britain.


Berney Arms2, by richard Paul One of many disused windmills

There are no roads around Berney Arms, just a path leading to the majestic restored windmill and the water's edge. Following the tidal water towards the sea I quickly passed the pub that serves the hire boats that summer brings, and then turned inland across a barren landscape of squelchy grass. I came across many of the windmills - most are phallic stumps, but some have parts of their mechanisms still intact.


Eventually I come back to the station to discover ther is no train back, and so began an extra four miles following the river inland to the village of Reedham, and my return to civilisation.


Berney Arms walk in, by Richard Paul The walk in (or looking back on the walk out)

The pictures above actually come from two journeys. "The walk in" is from a first trip to Reedham, and the other two from the journey described above. Originally painted in 1995, all three have been repainted in 2015/6.  I revisited the area in 2016, and found many more windmills along other waterways (below). Though essentially a timeless landscape, there has been some change as many of the windmills are now restored.


St Benets Level, by Richard Paul St Benet's Level


My trip in March 2016 saw brighter conditions, although still pretty squelchy.  My first day I went upriver from Acle to St Benet's Level and just beyond (to another windmill I've yet to paint).  The second day I walked from Great Yarmouth to Acle, passing several more old mills, but nothing to compare to my earlier trips.



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