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Feed the Birds by Richard Paul Feed the Birds '93


Feed The Birds '93

This painting is loosely based on a photo I took in Trafalgar Square in London in the late winter of 1993.  At that time there were ramshackle stalls selling bird seed to 'feed the birds' - an image that appealed to tourists with a romaticised Mary Poppins view of the city.  The authorities saw the droppings as a health hazard, and not long after the stalls were consigned to history.  There are around 100 pigeons in the foreground of this picture plus a few more in the background.  Feel free to count them.


Caldey Lighthouse by Richard Paul Caldey Lighthouse, Rye


Caldey Island Lighthouse

Just off the coast of Tenby lies the peaceful island of Caldey.  At its far end, a lighthouse with a sweep of uncut grass in front.  Adding in figure (including a fictional dog - as they aren't allowed on the island).  I drew inspiration from a more renowned painting by Monet, with figures descending rough pasture.


Flatford to Dedham by Richard Paul Flatford To Dedham


Flatford To Dedham

I took the original photo back in 1994, but at the time I didn't have the skill to do it justice in paint.  Now 20 years later I feel at last I have captured the feel of the place - little changed since the days of Constable, though sadly now lacking the rural industry he painted.


Blakeney by Richard Paul Blakeney


The North Norfolk coast has an interesting atmosphere due to the isolated little settlements strung along a shore that hides behind acres of salt marsh.  Blakeney with its narrow tidal channel to the open sea is typical.


St Ives by Richard Paul St Ives

St Ives

Late October, and it was the last hot day of the year. The tide was out, and we walked into the harbour, and sat down with an ice cream in the lee of the buildings, here painstakingly painted with over 100 windows!




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